Easyroommate international

Easyroommate offers an international network providing you with several local websites, supporting you throughout your housemate search. You can find our links below and search for your ideal house share.

Argentina :  www.compartodepto.com
Australia :  au.easyroommate.com
Austria :  www.easywg.at
Belgium :  www.appartager.be
Canada :  ca.easyroommate.com
Colombia :  www.compartoapto.com
Flemish Belgium :  www.easykot.be
Germany :  www.easywg.de
Hong Kong :  www.easyroommate.com.hk
Ireland :  ie.easyroommate.com
Italy :  www.easystanza.it
France :  www.appartager.com
Luxembourg :  www.appartager.lu
Netherlands :  www.easykamer.nl
New Zealand :  www.easyroommate.co.nz
Portugal :  www.easyquarto.com.pt
Singapore :  www.easyroommate.com.sg
Spain :  www.easypiso.com
Switzerland :  www.easywg.ch
United Kingdom :  uk.easyroommate.com
United States :  www.easyroommate.com
Venezuela :   www.compartoapto.com.ve

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